September 2022

Interested in applying to a PhD program in Biomedical Sciences but not sure where to begin?

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine has developed a one-day in person symposium to help undergraduates navigate the graduate school application process.

Topics include: Developing a Successful Application Portfolio, Applying for Fellowships, Making the Most of your Interview, Maintaining your Wellness, and How to find your Fit in Mentors and Programs.

Spots are limited!

Apply here


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The Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction is on! This years meeting in St Louis, Missouri has both virtual and in-person presentations. The BCM Repro T32 trainees are presenting:

Deirdra Scully, PhD (Irina Lab) is competing in the Jackson Nteeba Trainee Research Award Postdoctoral Platform Competition for her study, “New Insights into Oocyte Behaviours during Mammalian Oviductal Transport” Dec 17, 2021 at 11:15 AM.

Courtney Sutton, PHD (Matzuk Lab) is presenting her poster, “Investigating PRSS37 Protein Protein Interactions in the Male Reproductive Tract using BioID2 Transgenic Mice“, Fri. Dec. 17 8-10 AM.

In addition, Dr. Martin Martin is receiving a 2021 SSR Distinguished Fellowship, which recognizes active SSR members for their outstanding contributions to reproductive Biology and SSR! Congratulations to all!


Dr. Pangas was invited to attend the 18th Annual Gilbert S. Greenwald Virtual Symposium in October 2021 as a Plenary Speaker, “SUMOylation Regulates Key Stages of Mammalian Oocyte Development“.

This Annual Symposium is in honor of Dr. Greenwald’s illustrious career as a Distinguished Professor at KUMC and an internationally recognized reproductive biologist.

KUMC trainees take an active role in planning, inviting, and hosting this long-standing and successful event. More information on this symposium can be found at this link.

JUNE 2021


Happy Birthday Dr. Matzuk!



Save the Date!

The 26th Annual Texas Forum for Reproductive Sciences will be held in the Texas Medical Center on April 16-17.

Dr. Stephanie Pangas (Baylor College of Medicine) and Dr. Swathi Arur (MD Anderson Cancer Center) will be giving the Plenary Lectures. See uploaded flyer for registration details.


Dr. Pangas was invited to present recent developments in the laboratory for members of the Reproductive Developmenal Biology Branch at the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Members of this NIEHS Branch include Drs. Franco DeMayo, Humphrey Yao, and Carmen Williams.